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The silage producer faces a myriad of choices of plastic films that aid in the preservation of the silage. These include conventional black and white polyethylene film and oxygen barrier film. There are several differences in their design, composition and manufacturing process that influence their ability to effectively exclude oxygen. This can have a major effect on the outcome of your silage.

Silage covered with black and white plastic
Silage covered with oxygen barrier plastic as well

By covering the silage bunker or bun with a normal black and white polyethylene film, we may have an effective way to prevent water from entering the silage, but not necessarily oxygen. Viewed under a microscope, the normal black and white film contains microscopic holes that will allow oxygen to infiltrate the silage, often causing spoilage in the top 60cm – 90cm of the bunker or bun. Limiting oxygen infiltration using an oxygen barrier plastic (second image) consisting of at least 7, and preferably 9 layers of film, is the single most important factor in maintaining silage quality and reducing wastage.

Bad covering
Covered with SilageKeeper UV resistant nett and SealKeeper gravel bags



  • The new oxygen barrier film with 9 layers for the best protection of your silage
  • Sealplus stops transition responsible for the silage spoiling


SilageKeeper™ anti-uv cover is particularly soft, easy to stretch woven nett applied on top of the silage bunker / bun. Full opacity allows SilageKeeper™ to be used it with SealPlus Oxygen barrier 45 µ. It has a UV rating of 700 kly, which lends it it’s UV protection. Furthermore, the surface is almost non-slip, making it safe for workers to step on.


  • Robust and long lasting: 5 years UV guarantee
  • Suitable for all silage bunker and bun widths
  • A long-term silage protection
  • Allow to eliminate tires on silage bunkers / bun
  • Help to have a cleaner silage bunker / bun
  • Protects against all mechanical damage that could be caused by animals or pests
  • Easy to install and to use on the silage bunker / bun
  • Fully opaque, protects the Oxygen barrier film against UV
  • Easy to use, can substantially reduce labour costs


SealKeeper™ Gravel bags allow for an efficient & clean seal of the silage bunker / bun, without the necessity for tires. It’s a convenient and effective solution for sealing silage.


  • Best is to fill it with non-sharp gravel size 10-20 mm. Only 3/4 filled it stays flat on the silage bunker / bun. Do not fill it with sand, as it will compact when moisture from rain passes through.
  • 12 to 15 kgs maximum per bag
  • Structure allows water to pass through the bag and exit the gravel.
  • Provide the ultimate seal efficiency
  • 5-year UV guarantee
  • Stored on pallets when not in use
  • No tires on the silage bunker / bun, eliminating the potential perforation and subsequent contamination of the silage bunker / bun.

How to cover silage piles

SilageKeeper UV Covers™
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SealKeeper Gravel Bags™
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Thinus Gouws

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