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Intensive production systems place more pressure on animals to reach their genetic potential, leading to more oxidative stress throughout the animal. We discuss strategies to mitigate the effect of oxidative stress by giving comprehensive antioxidant support to production  animals.

Gut inflammation is a challenge in animal production which affects both the integrity and efficiency of the gut. Fergus Neher from Phytobiotcs is the Vitam Virtual guest for this episode and he elaborates on this topic and provides a natural solution in swine production.

Veeprodusente se grootste struikelblok lê in die volgehoue styging van insetkostes. Ons het met Kenneth Botha (Direkteur van Rumitrition) gesels om uit te vind hoe boere in die herkouerbedryf hierdie uitdaging suksesvol kan aanpak. 

Understanding gut efficiency is the key for successful and profitable meat production. We discuss the different components that affect gut efficiency and what producers should know to holistically approach this complex component in monogastric animal production

South Africa has moved from being a net importer of soya products to being a self-sustainable producer of high-quality products. David Brandt (MD from Feed First – Animal Feed Consultancy) elaborates on what to look at when evaluating soya product quality. Watch this episode.

The swine industry has faced high pressures the past few years due to rising input costs, and declines in demand and pork meat prices. These are some of the factors that keep pork producers on edge, and Jonathan Miles (Nutroteq) discuss his view from a supplier’s perspective.

Rumen efficiency part 4: Optimising fibre digestion in ruminant diets allows for more energy to be extracted from roughages and improves feed efficiency, income over feed costs, and farm profitability. Levucell SC is a live, rumen-specific yeast that optimises the rumen environment to improve rumen pH and fibre degradation.

Heat stress has a significant impact on ruminant animal production and this challenge poses a great risk in South Africa, especially during the summer months. Watch Part 3 of our Rumen Efficiency series where we address the impact this has on rumen function.

Fiber digestibility plays a vital role in efficient nutrient utilisation. In this second episode of our Rumen Efficiency series, we elaborate on this important factor in ruminant nutrition.

Rumen efficiency is an indicator of ruminant performance and of the animal’s well-being. In the first instalment of our 4-part series on rumen efficiency, we discuss this key factor in ruminant production and how it links to feed efficiency.

Mycotoxins in poultry and swine are a great challenge to producers. We discuss its effect on production, as well as the effect of inflammation on gut health and how good gut health can be obtained.

Ruminants are subjected to various stressors during production, including mycotoxin risks. We discuss this challenge as well as the importance of good gut health for the rumen function.